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Welcome Internal Testers:

The task at hand is to test the new "PTGC Online Payment System". You are the 1st group of testers so the testing effort will make sure the main component is operational. For now please don't worry about anything else. It should take each of you less than 30 minutes to follow and complete the following steps. Your cooperation and focus are very much appreciated.

  1. If there is an issue try again another time or two, to make sure it's repeatable. If the issue persists use the form below to explain your issue.

  2. Test on as many devices as you can; computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.

  3. On your very first time, you should land on the Sign Up/Login page and complete the "Sign Up" process. There will be security checks along the way. You will receive a message that a verification code will be emailed to you. Go check your email (be patient) and after you receive the code in your email, enter the code to complete the verification process.

  4. After you complete your initial Sign Up then you can Log Out, do you return to the 1st screen to get in?

  5. You should return to the Sign Up/Login page. Try to Sign Up again (using the same email). You should be restricted, if not that's an issue otherwise go ahead and log in.

  6. If you want to include another email(s) go through the Sign Up process with a different email and go through the verification process. Honestly do as many and as much as you can to kick the tires on it.

  7. If you have a GMAIL.COM email, give the Google Login option a try, Facebook do Facebook.

  8. Extra credit if you go through the "Forgot Password" process.

  9. Now that you have completed the Sign Up and Login, continue to testing the payment system. 

  10. Find the buttons below to test both the Membership and the Tourney. Test both if you will please.

  11. Use only one email (in case you added multiple emails) and complete the payment process.

  12. Try as many options as you can. Can you split up to do a combination of credit card, debit card, CashApp, and PayPal using each different method? If not do what you can.

  13. With this and all other online systems in fact wherever you store sensitive or personal information online, make sure you always LOG OUT AND CLOSE THE BROWSER!

Send us a message and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Thanks for submitting!


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